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June 20, 2011  | by: Ashley Vaughn

Gwen Stefani

Ten years ago, when someone said “Gwen Stefani,” we would have thought of her as the lead singer of the group No Doubt with a wild style and ever-changing hair color.   Now, when we hear her name we talk about Stefani as a fashion icon, noting her success as a fashion designer and her gorgeous family. Gwen Stefani has made a fashion 180.  We all love and adore her sense of style, envying how she can try anything and make it work magic for her.  In 2011, it makes sense for Gwen to be on the cover of every elite fashion magazine.

Stefani stands out among the fashion elite because of her daring yet effortless attitude towards fashion. She wears platinum blonde hair like it is an everyday normal brunette look.  Instead of the usual nudes and light pinks most choose to shine their lips, Stefani goes for the bold reds and bright fuchsias to stain her pretty puckers.  Stefani pulls off jeans and a t-shirt with the same effervescent glow that she uses to walk the red carpet in a gorgeous designer dress.

It’s not every day that the fashion world admires someone like Gwen Stefani,  because everyone knows everything in fashion goes quicker than a New York minute, but we want to hold on to daring fashion icons like her.

Words like bold, daring, exquisite, unique, and beautiful all define the style and personality of Gwen Stefani. Most can not pull off the looks she wears because she makes her confidence the main attraction. Just recently, she was praised on E! Fashion Police for wearing three Japanese-inspired kimonos, all in one outfit. Anyone else who would of dared to do the same thing would have been placed in fashion jail.  Her imagination is showcased in each perfect outfit, and we fall in love all over again with each new look.

Gwen Stefani

Stefani lives life on the fashion edge, and she is comfortable where she is. Most celebrities that try to land themselves on the fashion “It” list worry about what’s the new thing to wear and keeping up with the Jones (whoever they are), but Stefani makes everything work for her. Stefani has payed her debt to the fashion police and is making up for it with her current edgy, yet soft style. It is evident that her life has evolved into one beautiful image of fashion.  Her family is the perfect example of what love and great fashion looks like.

Stefani family

We all love to see the fashion success story of someone who has matured into one of our favorite fashion icons. There is no one who is close to copying Gwen Stefani, because they know they run the risk of looking stupid if they try.

Stefani is a good example of owning and loving who you are, which is the perfect accessory to any outfit. Have the confidence, like Stefani, to try something new. Have the boldness, like her, to be daring with what you wear. Gwen Stefani is NO DOUBT someone who is going down in the fashion history pages as an iconic original; a great fashion Cinderella story.

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