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September 28, 2012  | by: Gloria Reyes

Artists of the year

Despite the rising presence of auto-tunes and fame hungry [harsh word], it’s been a pretty sweet year for music. Who’s responsible? Some pretty awesome artists. It’s a collection of newcomers and seasoned players that keeps our ears open, and wanting more indeed. I appreciate the work produced by these genuine musicians who never cease to push boundaries, so why not update their status and formulate an idea of what creations are to come? 

Carly Rae Jepsen

I guess I’ll start  with the lovely Carly Rae Jepsen, who barged right into the music scene in the U.S. and slapped us in the face with “Call Me Maybe”, an upbeat tune we could not shake all summer and an anthem for cover makers all over YouTube. Canadian native and Ex-Canadian Idol contestant, Carly Rae has been releasing music since 2008, and now, can be heard on a second radio hit, “Good Time” by Owl City, another addicting feel-good song. I can’t wait to hear what this special artist will come out with next.

Big Sean

Big Sean–to me, the guy version of Nicki Minaj. He’s definitely all hip-hop but is settling into a category that’s all his own. Signed to Def Jam Records, California blossom Big Sean is not afraid to say what he means, much like his mentor Kanye West. He’s gone from laying down a choppy verse on “Mercy”, featuring artists Pusha T and 2 Chainz, to exposing a more poetic side in his piece in Justin Beiber’s “As Long As You Love Me”. No matter what genre he’s recorded in, you can be sure he knows how to get attention. His latest beef? Signing off as “B-I-G”, a known attribute belonging to the late Notorious B.I.G.

Ellie Goulding

I do believe we have a legendary artist in the making with Ellie Goulding. She’s got an extra spark that sets her music apart, making both her and her music overwhelmingly intriguing. You know her “Lights” smash, didn’t understand the lyrics, but couldn’t contain your excitement when it came on the radio. From London, England, Goulding can be described as GaGa-esque in that her art usually escapes reality and carries an unapologetic edge. I’m shivering with anticipation to listen to her newest song, and knowing her style, just about “Anything Could Happen”.

Rihanna's "Diamonds" Single

I’m really digging this next one, and as much as I can’t stand the antics and catastrophic examples set by her, I can admit Rihanna delivers some swagged out pop music that can take you from either wanting to dance eternally or beat the crap out of a piñata, or sometimes even fall in love. This new release is somewhere in between all of that. It’s called “Diamonds (In the Sky)“. Sure, she’s surrounded by a lot of drama that her actions have only exacerbated but maybe we’ll take our minds off of that by playing this music jewel.

Pink in Power

I want to shine the light on my girl, PINK (who’s really a bleached blonde, but I still adore her), who’s new album landed No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Chart. ClapClapClapClapClap. I’ve been an ultimate fan since even before the Missundaztood days, when I would whale out her deep, sultry but rebellious tracks insisting to everyone that I sounded just like her– I still do, you just have to be really far away to hear it! Alecia Moore , or bad-ass Pink, has definitely had a rocky and curvy path in life, one that included a tumultuous childhood and divorce. But it’s earned her tremendous success as an artist and well-deserved respect as a role-model. It goes without say that this top spot recognition for her latest album, The Truth About Love, is a mighty testament to that.


The Truth About Love

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