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October 16, 2012  | by: Angela Gamba


The final season of Gossip Girl premieres on Mon., Oct. 8th.

The Gossip Girl novel series, written by Cecily von Ziegesar, was made in to a very popular TV series five years ago. The last five years of the show have been full of heartaches, fashion trends, scandals, and, of course, gossip. The sixth and final season of The CW’s Gossip Girl airs Monday, October 8. Most fans would probably agree that it is time for the series to end–I mean come on, how many times can we watch Serena van der Woodsen sleep with a guy, find out some sort of crazy secret about him, scheme to get him away, and then run back to Dan?–but I think we all need closure. There are a few things I would like to see happen on Gossip Girl before the series finale.

I really hope all of Georgina Sparks’s bad karma catches up with her. She is the epitome of the word “frenemy.” Georgina was introduced in the first season as the crazy girl who nobody liked,  yet in the end of every season she starts a scheme with Serena, Blaire, Chuck, and Nate. She has tried to ruin all of their lives, whether it be by blackmailing Serena with murder or pretending to be pregnant with Dan’s child. This girl has caused nothing but drama for the past five years; I think she deserves some herself.

Blair and Chuck, season 3

I think it is time that Blair and Chuck finally live happily ever after. Their relationship has never been simple. Between sleeping with family members and multiple engagements to different people over the last few seasons, it is hard to predict how their relationship will end. They clearly love each other, but the timing is never right. Even Gossip Girl herself has always tried to tear these two apart, succeeding every time. Speaking of GG…

“Who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.” Please, I beg you to tell! Somebody needs to reveal the OGG (Original Gossip Girl). It is apparent that everyone on the show has had their own voice through Gossip Girl, but I think all of us want to know who started it all. I personally hope that Gossip Girl is Dorota, Blaire’s maid. Then again, I do not really care who it is as long as she/he is revealed.

It has been a long five years with the Gossip Girl cast. Hopefully the show will end on a good note, pleasing the original viewers who have gotten bored over the last few seasons. Do you think the final season of Gossip Girl will leave fans satisfied?

The cast of Gossip Girl

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