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July 27, 2011  | by: Ashley Vaughn

Kate Hudson

Menswear will be a big trend for the upcoming fall season. It has made its arrival in previous seasons and has been a success as a versatile, sexy look for women to appreciate. Whether it be the baggy, comfy loose-fitting boyfriend jeans we love to wear or the sexy, oversized button-down shirt that hangs off the body in a sensual way, menswear has in one way or another been in our closets.

For the fall, dress the look up a little bit with looser blazers, bow ties, penny loafers, and make the look complete with suspenders!

In the past, suspenders were considered a nerd accessory, and very Steve Urkel-like. It’s only right for fashion to revamp the look and make it a sexy detail for a woman’s outfit. Instead of wearing a belt with your wide leg trouser jeans, wear suspenders with an over-sized blouse, or even a simple crew or v neck t shirt. Have fun with doing denim on denim, and add suspenders to further add style to an already daring look.

Another option is for your business casual office attire.  Wear your dress slim, cropped slacks with a traditional collared shirt, making your suspenders the fun attention grabbing accessory.

Something as peculiar and classic as the suspenders have a purpose; in this case the purpose is nothing more than to make the the outfit more superb and fun. This is very ironic because the purpose of the tool before was nothing more than to hold one’s pants above the waist. But like most of women’s fashion, there is no true reason for many of the accessories other than to impress those that are looking. Have fun with the business-like accessory by choosing different colors, materials and lengths. If you’re wearing a higher-waisted pant, the length will be shorter, and of course with the hips-length pant the fit will be more relaxed and casual.


Be like the famous Larry King and draw attention with your suspenders. Match the look with your thick-rimmed glasses and over-sized mens’ watch to further elaborate on the menswear trend. This look works best when the outfit seems like it was effortlessly put together. Bring out the inner secretary sexy by dressing up in this trend, or keep it casual and flirty with jeans and an innocently revealing button-down shirt. This look is perfect for fall, so go visit the local vintage shops to store up on suspenders and snap them on trousers this upcoming season.

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