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August 30, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (nayarivera)

Instagram (nayarivera)


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and telling by Naya Rivera’s Instagram shot alongside her new smooching co-star, Demi Lovato, the new addition is completely gold-worthy.

Rivera got instantly excited when word spread that Lovato was cast for season five of the tevelvision show, Glee, and even spilled some deets about their relationship on the show. “She’s playing my love interest, so I’m very, very excited about that,” Rivera dished to MTV. Lovato will play the character Dani, who makes friends with Rachael and ultimately falls head over heels for Santana. Lovato is set to make her Glee debut October 3, during the show’s two-part Beatles tribute.

I will admit I haven’t been following the show as religiously as I once did since its inception. In fact, Ryan Murphy’s once-brilliant artistic vision has become a watered down interpretation of what the “real world” really is, (or how he thought it should be), which was exactly why I turned away from the series after season three.

Instagram (ddlovato)

Instagram (ddlovato)


The acting was sub-par (even more so than before), the whole “everyone has a happy-ending” cliche became tired and predictable, and the whole production became too dramatic for my taste. I know, Glee is all about DRAMA after all. However, the drama I am speaking of was drama emerging through the tabloids pertaining to Murphy’s obsessive compulsive attitude towards the cast. Needless to say, that era was more than ugly and made me reconsider tuning in to the show.

Rather I like it or not, the show must, and will, go on, and although I stand firm in my refusal to watch the show, Lovato is an amazing talent: on and off screen. I’m sure her participation will bring the show more viewers than ever before, but sadly, I will not be one of them.

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