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January 30, 2013  | by: Joanne Wu
Flickr (BSCKidsdotcom)

Flickr (BSCKidsdotcom)


Attention 90s kids! We all loved it. We all anticipated it. And it’s finally that long-awaited time to bring back a classic of our generation! Disney Channel’s spinoff of Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World has finally found the perfect daughter for Cory and Topanga Matthews. After hundreds and thousands of castings all around the world, they settled on the adorable Rowan Blanchard to play quirky Riley Matthews.






Guess Mommy and Daddy are happy about the new addition too! And why wouldn’t they? Previously, Blanchard was known for her role in Spy Kids 4D and The Back Up Plan. Now, she will forever be known as Riley Matthews. Because let’s face it, even after a show is over, you’ll always know them by their character name.

Cory will always be known to us as the lovable Cory Matthews. Even in Full House, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will always be Michelle Tanner to us. And Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, no matter how many times she tries to shake that image from our minds with her scandalous acts.

But if you’re anything like me, then you would have doubts about the success of this spinoff show. There hasn’t been many good and successful spinoffs in our lifetime. Boy meets World  wrapped up perfectly– ’twas bittersweet. It’s series finale can almost rival the ones of Friends.

This being said, now that the cast of Girl Meets World is wrapped and finalized, and they’re starting filming next month, I hate to admit it but the excitement is slowly creeping in. Maybe it’s the fact that it allows you to revisit your childhood one last time?

Flickr (skullgirl24)

Flickr (skullgirl24)


It’ll be exciting to catch up with all these characters and see what they were up to during this long hiatus. However, I’m not going to lie, it’s def going to be weird without seeing our John Adams High hottie, Shawn Hunter. Cory is great, but Cory and Shawn are like the dynamic duo.

Rider Strong believed there was no future for his character on this spinoff, which I guess would be true, but c’mon Rider! You can’t leave Cory and Topanga to raise Riley all on his own without help from best friend Shawn. Watching Uncle Shawn babysit would be a blast! All I’m asking for is a cameo, at least! Here’s to hoping!

Another big difference would be no Mr. Feeny! Cory is supposedly the new Feeny, but can he reach the expectations that fans have for this coveted spot? Can the show reach its extremely high expectations? I don’t know, nor can I predict, but I’m sure looking forward to this upcoming premiere!

What do you think, will this Girl capture our hearts as Cory did with ours?

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