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March 01, 2013  | by: Rebecca Giampolo
Twitter (TVyNovelasPR)

Twitter (TVyNovelasPR)

Just two days after the Academy Awards ceremony, clothing worn by Jennifer Lawrence in her Oscar-winning role in Silver Linings Playbook, went up for auction. The skin-tight white dance pants, winter coat and sports bra Lawrence wore in the film are for sale in an online auction. The memorabilia dealer, Nate D. Sanders, expects the items to sell for between $500 and $1,500. Now that Lawrence is on the record for having an Academy Award, the items have accumulated more status, according to Sanders.

Although the pea coat seems functional, any fashion-conscious woman knows that the winter apparel season ended last December. With bathing suits filling the racks as early as January in some departments, the time to purchase in-style winter clothing has passed. Some would argue that this coat could be worn through many winter seasons, but in my opinion, if Jennifer Lawrence didn’t want it why should you?

The white spandex pants, on the other hand, are less than flattering on anyone who isn’t training at least eight days a week. To “top it off” (literally), the outfit is completed by a long-sleeved sports bra. As if the cellulite on my upper thighs wasn’t enough, the unfortunate genetic trait must show on my stomach as well.

Twitter (JenniferUpdates)

Twitter (JenniferUpdates)


The custom-tailored skin-tight white pants (worn by Lawrence during a climactic ballroom dance scene with co-star Bradley Cooper) are starting bids at $100. The sports bra paired with a Gap Body, fashioned by Lawrence in this sweat-provoking scene, will be sold together. While the auction is also providing nine clothing items either worn by Cooper, and two from the wardrobe of supporting actor Chris Tucker, I suggest leaving the outrageously priced and generously used “celebrity-wear” to the costume collectors.

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