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September 05, 2011  | by: Aubrian Body

Katy Perry

The founder of L’Oreal, French chemist Eugene Schueller, invented the first synthetic hair dye in 1907.   More than one hundred years later, over 75% of all U.S. women color their hair. We all know of the underlying battle of blondes versus brunettes versus redheads, but what about the purples?

Celebs are obsessed with wild hair colors this year, but can you sport the colorful ’dos?

Celebs, now more than ever, are experimenting with hair color. Celebs have been recently spotted with anything from yellow to electric purple locks, and their fans are eager to follow behind. Katy Perry always lights up the red carpet (sometimes literally), but recently this “California Girl” has gotten animated with her hair color. To me, Katy can do no wrong.  Her quirky style has always been what I loved about her, and her crazy hair colors fit right in.


Rihanna is the latest to sport a wild color with her candy apple red strands. The “Man Down” singer and her hair stylist came to an agreement on the color and she’s been red ever since. Fortunately, Rihanna gets my praise for this! Once reserved for punk rockers and emo kids, Rihanna made red the new blonde. Two thumbs way up!

Although Kat Von D is known internationally for her amazing tattoo art  and popular reality show, she’s also getting a lot of attention for her style. Just like her relationship status with Jesse James, Kat Von D’s hair changes every time we see her in public. She does play with color a lot and it usually works for her, but being a reality t.v. star  must not pay well because she can’t afford a hair brush.

Kat Von D

Lady Gaga

The notorious Queen of Pop has millions of fans watching her every move, waiting for her next fashion direction. Whether she’s in an egg, 8 inch heels, or dressed like a man, Lady Gaga never fails us. More recently she’s been spotted rocking outrageous wigs and hair colors anywhere from  monochromatic to Barbie pink. She’s always on the edge of fashion, and her hair is no exception.

Of course celebs can wear crazy colored hair and get praise, but how can the little people like us wear this trend without getting sent home from work or laughed at in public?


Lucky for us there are some celebs you can look up to for inspiration! Chicks like Avril Lavigne, Jordin Sparks, and Ke$ha show you ways to rock this trend and still manage to keep a day job

Don’t want to dye your hair permanently but want to try this trend?  Hot Topic has all the clip-in hair extensions you need. They carry clip-in extensions in colors from basic blonde to electric yellow and even leopard spotted strands! Even though it’s temporary, your possibilities are endless! Try this trend for yourself and tell us how it went!

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