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August 31, 2012  | by: Takiyah Tanner

Ex G-Unit Member, Game

MC Game, has a lot on his plate now that is he working on his last album under Interscope Records. Game is now planning his next step to ensure that he finds the right label that suits him.

Game told MTV reporters, “This is my last album with Interscope under my contract, I’ll say that. Interscope has a lot of money, and money makes me happy, so we’ll see.” More importantly, fans want the answer to the mysterious question: Where is Game going after Interscope?

Game has made several comments hinting on his next move. Although sources are not sure of exactly what his plan is, it is however known that Game has collaborated with many artists of YMCMB, which would be obviously be a prospective choice for him. In addition, Game also stated, “It’s a possibility I might sign with MTV Records, I don’t know.  Anybody that got the right situation for me and the right money.” Basically, the finances and conditions of the contracts are going to determine where exactly Game is going,

This ex G-Unit affiliate is working on a master piece as we speak, Jesus Piece. Fans are elated for this new album to release. Although the actual date of his new album release and everything is unknown, Game is trying his best to complete everything in a timely fashion, preparing for the next move of his career.

Where would you like to see Game?

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