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November 02, 2012  | by: Jara Montez

Lady Gaga


Good news, Little Monsters! Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated ARTPOP might be split into two volumes, which means double the glitz, glamour, and far out songs for you. According to a statement, released on her page, the album might be split into the anticipated pop-like dance songs, and the ‘experimental’ songs which would be released months later.

ARTPOP, stated to be released in 2013 is constantly on the tips of everyone’s tongues, as the public eagerly awaits for the Queen of Pop’s new material. Various articles have been published regarding all things Gaga, including collaborations, her Pop Water venture, and even a smartphone ARTPOP app.

However, in the midst of this Gaga-themed month, I raise the question, is any of this even necessary?

Of course we want to hear things like the direction Gaga is going with this album, or engaging details on singles. But are all the extras relevant to what is most important: the music?



There is the argument that she is a brand, and must do whatever marketing she can to ensure the success of her product. To that, I say she is well past the ‘household name’ phase, as she is a global icon, therefore, these auxiliary tactics aren’t crucial. You could also say that this is just what Lady Gaga does. She goes above and beyond the typical, and isn’t afraid to tread new waters.

But where do we draw the line between publicity and distraction? How will Pop Water, or this mobile app enhance my connection with her album? Will we be caught up in the prestige of Gaga and her products, that we’ll simply acquiesce to a lackluster CD?

Not saying of course that ARTPOP will be, and I’m fairly confident that it will be a groundbreaking album, as were her others, but it seems that right now we’re too busy glorifying the commodities, instead of the music.

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