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August 20, 2012  | by: Anissa Pierre

Kreemo Summer 2012 Collection

In a society where nothing ever lasts for too long, the fight to stay relevant is a constant battle. Innovation, dedication, and perseverance are necessities when attempting to create a product that people are willing to buy. Luckily, for the guys at Kreemo these three characteristics come as naturally as breathing, enabling them to not only provide people with a product, but also with a lifestyle.

Created by cousins Brian and LaVan Wright, and friend, Desmond Attmore, Kreemo is a luxury sportswear brand that has quickly made its way onto the radar of mainstream consumers since its 2008 debut.  The line was first created when Brian and LaVan, who were inspired by the styles in their hometown of NYC, were just teens. Years later it was further developed when Brian met Desmond at Morehouse College.

M.O.E Text Tee and Tic Tac Toe Tee from Summer 2012 Collection

In an interview I did with CEO and co-founder Brian Wright, Morehouse and the AUC (Atlantic University Center) area are accredited for part of Kreemo’s success. “I had my vision,” he says, “Morehouse and Atlanta helped with the marketing.” While Brian and Attmore were in attendance of the school, they took advantage of their location by getting the opinions of their fellow students on what were then mainly t-shirts and buttons.  By keeping their ears to the ground, they were able to cultivate a line that was truly desired by their targeted customers.

Style wise, Morehouse exposed them to cultures and ways of dressing from around the country, rounding out the line into one that could be worn anywhere by anyone. From Morehouse, the line catapulted itself into the eyes of millions.

Wiz Khalifa in Kreemo K Lip Tank at a NY Concert

Following Kreemo’s name, which was derived from the Creedmor Psychiatric Center in Queens, New York, is a string of impressive achievements. Although having been adorned by rappers Lil’ Wayne and Wiz Khalifa, the hand of Kreemo reaches far beyond clothing. After being contacted by Khalifa, the team designed the merchandise for Khalifa’s debut album Rolling Papers. To Brian the experience was one that pushed the brand’s limits; “I didn’t want it to feel like artist merchandise; I wanted it to feel like clothing,” he explained.  It was a goal that he and the rest of the team without a doubt attained. The opportunity led to a personal relationship with Wiz and myriad other projects, like the recent design of the official artwork for Trey Songz’s new single “Hail Mary” featuring Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne, from his upcoming album Chapter V.

In regards to Kreemo being a lifestyle, Wright explains that Kreemo has more to offer than just clothes. He says that Kreemo is “about beating the odds and being passionate to achieve your goals.” On that premise, Wright says that anyone can relate to Kreemo. With the slogan “beg to differ,” Kreemo seeks to empower those who want to veer from the norm and encourages them create a lane of their own.

Included in the Kreemo lifestyle are music, video, and social media. With branches KreemoSounds and KreemoTele, the brand offers it consumers the opportunity to experience forms of art aide from clothing. “Anything creative I want to be a part of,” articulated Wright, after enthusiastically delving into the various projects and free shows that the brand has done with artists like A$AP Rocky, DJ Don Cannon, and producer Mike Will. “When we started Kreemo, we hadn’t limited it to just clothing,” he continued, highlighting the fact that he wants Kreemo to be able to open doors that allow people to go into creative lanes. As for social media, Kreemo has an account on just about every social media outlet. Whether it’s through their blog, twitter account, or Facebook page, the Kreemo team is constantly interacting with the people they aim to serve.

Kreemo's Logo

In a nutshell, Kreemo is a brand for the people. Although it’s a clothing line, it has more to offer than something to wear. Kreemo is invested in its product and in its customer to produce fresh new merchandise. For the future, Wright advices that people look out. He plans to focus more on the clothing aspect of the brand by moving into more store locations and with a fresh look for the fall collection’s photo shoot.

Afraid you’re going to miss out? Follow the brand on twitter at @Kreemo,  and check out its blog and online store at Also, if you’re in the Atlanta area, check out the latest store to pick up Kreemo, Sole ATL in Atlanta, GA. But to be honest, there’s nothing to worry about. “It’s going to be everywhere.”

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