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September 20, 2011  | by: Jaira Keys

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean recently released music videos to accompany two tracks from his mix tape “Nostalgia, Ultra.”Fans can now watch visuals for his records “Thinking About You” and “Swim Good.” Both videos are interesting to say the least. Fans get to see something completely out of the box from Ocean, but would you expect anything typical from this odd character? He has aligned himself with Odd Future and I think the name says it all.

For “Swim Good” there are some visuals for his actual lyrical content, for instance he is driving around in a Lincoln and there are shots of the ocean. However, there is one obvious thing missing. In this song he says, “And I got this black suit on, rolling around like I’m ready for a funeral.”

In the video he is wearing what I would consider to be the total opposite of a black suit. He is wearing a loud yellow outfit with Jordans on his feet.

The video for “Thinking About You” is beyond words and I will leave you to interpret his message on your own. There is definitely something here that everyone should see. With such powerful words to go along with the visuals I hope that no one misses out on this experience.

These are not your typical booty shaking, cash throwing, chain showing, mindless enjoyment videos. The viewer is encouraged to think deeply and give full attention to the things they are consuming. Frank Ocean doesn’t supply his listeners with empty words but rather gives them something to take away from his music and his obviously hard work.

Watch the video for “Swim Fast” below.

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