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July 05, 2012  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

This week has been pretty interesting in the music industry:  Diss songs, strange occurrences at the BET Awards and oh yeah, Frank Ocean came out the closet. The OFWGKTA member recently had a few listening sessions in the UK for his upcoming album, Channel Orange, and some of the songs caused quite a stir. A blogger that had gotten the chance to preview Ocean’s album claimed that on at least 3 of the songs, Ocean sang about being in love with a “him.” The blogger’s review spread like wild fire and of course the rumors began to spread. But instead of ignoring it or denying it, Ocean did what others only dream about doing: he let go of his secrets.

Once the rumors started flowing, Ocean did what any other artist in the industry would not do: he told everyone the truth. Ocean took to his tumblr page and expressed his thoughts and past feelings for a male friend. Though the reactions to the letter were up and down, ultimately in the end Ocean did what was right for him and people praised him for that:

 Solange Knowles: “I salute you, brave soul. Independence Day. @frank_ocean“.

Tyler the Creator: “My Big Brother Finally F–king Did That. Proud Of That Ni–a Cause I Know That S–t Is Difficult Or Whatever. Anyway. Im A Toilet.”

RuPaul: “Dear @frank_ocean, I ask that U guide my thoughts, my feelings & my perceptions AMEN”

Rita Ora: “Once a brave soul opens up life doesn’t seem as hard as you thought it was. @frank_ocean inspirational.”

Friends, fans and industry mates took to Twitter to express how proud they were of Ocean and Jay-Z even wrote him a letter on his site. The response is overwhelming to the news but ultimately Ocean did what was right for him and nobody could fault him for being honest with himself.

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