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November 30, 2011  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

Frank Ocean Live

There is definitely more to Frank Ocean than the eye can see. The talented, young entrepreneur has written hit singles for Beyonce’s 4 album, held two features on the Watch the Throne album and had one of the hottest mix tapes of 2011. On top of all his recent success, Frank has just been named the Rookie of the Year by GQ Magazine. At such an amazing place in his career, Frank Ocean can only continue to top himself. At his first show in NYC on Sunday night, he did just that!

The Bowery Ballroom in NYC had the pleasure of hosting Frank Ocean’s first show in NYC this past weekend. The announcement for the show was not out for more than a day before the tickets sold out! Hip-Hop veterans like ?uestlove, along with hip-hop journalists, came to the Sunday show to support Frank in his venture to woo his NYC fans. And woo is exactly what he did. Actually, he left them all far beyond impressed.

Frank started the show by thanking his fans for all the support and expressing his humbleness for the music he has been able to create. He opened up the show with a cover of Sade’s “By Your Side,” and he hit every high note, low note and word perfectly. He sang the song as if it was his own: with love, dedication and pride.

Along with covering Sade’s single, Frank also covered Bridget Kelly’s “Thinking About Forever,” which was a great hit with the audience. Frank performed his hit singles “Swim Good,” “Acura Integurl,” and of course “Novacane.” The audience went wild when “Novacane” came on and everyone sang along (including myself!)

The ambiance was relaxed, laid back, and the audience were amazed throughout Frank’s performance. The show flowed, and the backdrop featured clips of movies like Boyz in the Hood, Cooley High, ATL and Inkwell. Frank surprised fans with two singles, “Super Rich Kids” and “Disillusion,” off of his upcoming album. The singles brought back the feeling of excitement that all of Frank’s fans had when he first appeared on the music scene. Frank closed out the show by performing Beyonce’s “I Miss You” and had fans lingering and hoping that he would sing some more. All in all the show was incredible, fascinating and refreshing. Frank Ocean has a long career of success ahead of him.

Check out Frank Ocean’s interview with GQ Magazine below:

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