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July 20, 2011  | by: Katherine Polanco

Chris Brown Performs On NBC's "Today"

Remember when Chris Crocker, YouTube celebrity, made a video titled “Leave Britney Alone”? Well I’d like to be the person to make, “Leave Chris Brown Alone.”

Singer and song-writer Chris Brown is making headlines after breaking a record on “The Today Show” and having Rockefeller Center shut down after more than 18,000 fans showed up to support him and see an amazing performance.  Although his performance was one of the show’s most successful, Fox News host Laura Ingraham wasn’t happy about Chris Brown’s performance or with the fact that he is still praised by fans.

A segment aired on Fox News where Laura Ingraham was joined by Cooper Lawrence, author of “The Cult of Celebrity,” and Jehmu Greene, former President of Rock the Vote.  They gave their opinions on Chris Brown and didn’t bite their tongues.  During the segment, Laura Ingram claimed that Chris Brown has been making black people look bad and that blacks or any of his fans aren’t letting him take responsibilities for his actions. Besides me seeing that comment as something racial, since when was it the job of fans to hold anyone accountable?  Fans are just regular people like Chris Brown.  And hasn’t it been a little over three years already since the Rihanna incident?  Everyone makes mistakes and in the past three years I think Chris Brown has dealt with the consequences.

Here are some highlights from the segment:

Cooper Lawrence: “I want to explain to you what’s going on in the culture.  There’s two main things going on. One is, we make these social comparisons and we do these ‘in’ group, ‘out’ group things. Once we decide someone’s in our ‘in’ group, we’re unwilling to see what’s blatantly in front of us. You show that person a picture of what Rihanna looked like, [and they say,] ‘Oh, I don’t think that’s her, I don’t know what she did to instigate that.’ It’s this blind faith that people have in their celebrities once they decide they’re in the ‘in’ group.”

Jehmu Greene: “The more he is given a platform, the less accountable that people are going to be able to hold him. We need to walk away from it. It gives a really, really bad example, but I think what it also does against young people is to perpetuate a stereotype against males–”

Laura Ingraham: [interrupting Greene]: “— a stereotype against African Americans, too. African Americans are given a bad rap by a guy who — I can’t read most of these lyrics — but I will sum[marize]. This is ‘Look At Me Now,’ one of his top hits in the world actually. “Lil’ n-word, bigger than gorilla, ’cause I’m killin’ every blank — n-word — that try to be on my s-word.” How is this good for anyone? Including him. I actually feel bad for him because I don’t know what happened to him, I don’t know if he got mixed up with some really bad entertainment managers, I don’t know if it’s a family thing, I have no idea, but underneath it all might be a man [who's] very talented, but he needs help. We shouldn’t be giving this a platform.”

Fox News went as far as taking it to the streets with a battered picture of the singer Rihanna saying, “Just wanna show you this one picture, here’s a picture of Rihanna after the incident and I’ve never seen a picture of Chris Brown where it showed that he had any sort of injuries anywhere close to this.” But in actuality, who is that really helping ?

Chris Brown made it clear that he wasn’t going to let it get to him.  50 Cent also commented on Fox’s comments toward Chris Brown.  See both of their tweets below:

Chris Brown's Comments Toward Fox on Twitter

50 Cent's Twitter Comments

Let me reiterate that this incident between Chris Brown and Rihanna took place a little over 3 years ago, and Chris brown was held accountable to the same justice system we are all held accountable to. It is time to move past this.  No one’s worried about Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, and Lindsay Lohan, and incident after incident these celebrities are given a platform and a new spotlight. Were all of his fans just supposed to drop him because of this 3 years ago? Some did and some didn’t. Some chose to accept that what he did was wrong, but that he was able to learn and move past that.  The past is unchangeable, but the future we can live for. Casey Anthony just got off for murdering her two-year old daughter, but Fox News would rather report about 3 year old incidents and Chris Brown performing. This media-driven world we live in is all screwed up. Leave Chris Brown alone and let him be the successful African-American male he is striving to become.

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