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April 02, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran
Twitter (RueLaLa)

Twitter (RueLaLa)


Diamonds and shoes sound to me like the perfect combination, but how far would you take this fabulous combo? Kathryn Wilson, a successful shoe designer from New Zealand was recently commissioned to create a pair of shoes for a Ronald McDonald House charity auction. The shoes she came up with are worthy of Cinderella status. Covered in 21.18 carats of diamonds, the heels seems as if they would glitter for miles. Although definitely luxurious, are these shoes actually stylish, and would you wear them?

Although I have heard many people answer no to this question, I am not going to lie…if I could get over my fear of dirtying or stretching them out, I would totally rock these shoes! The diamonds aren’t just thrown onto the shoe, but Wilson took more than 50 hours, a pair of tweezers and a lot of special glue to elegantly fashion the diamonds in patterned swirls. The diamonds also do not take up the entire heel, but are applied in such a way that the white fabric from underneath peeks thru, so that the design is not overwhelming or gaudy. In fact, I would totally sport these shoes with a little black dress and simple makeup.

However, I do not think I would be able to afford them. Having been auctioned off for $418,450, the shoe is valuable enough that a full-scale security contingent was needed in order to make sure the shoe stayed safe. In fact, The name of the winner of the shoe will not be revealed for security reasons. I don’t know about you, but if I were the owner of this fabulous shoe, everyone would know as I strutted out of the auction house with the diamonds on my feet.

Would you wear these diamond shoes?

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