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November 05, 2010  | by: Laura Rosenfeld

Can Will Ferrell's latest film 'Megamind' get him off the list of Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actors?

If you see the new animated movie Megamind this weekend, ask yourself, Is Will Ferrell worth the money? According to Forbes Magazine, he’s not.

Ferrell is the Most Overpaid Actor for the second year in a row, according to Forbes Magazine’s list of Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors. The list compares what stars earn versus how much their films cost to make. According to the list, for every $1 Ferrell was paid, his films earned an average of $3.35.

Ferrell may have earned a nice paycheck from his last three films, Land of the Lost, Step Brothers and Semi-Pro but they didn’t do so well at the box office (Ferrell’s most recent film The Other Guys was a hit this summer, but missed the deadline for consideration). Land of the Lost really hurt the star’s bankability at the box office. The flop cost an estimated $100 million to make and earned $69 million.

Out of the 10 celebrities listed, six of them are comedians. Along with Ferrell, Eddie Murphy (No.2 ), Seth Rogen (No. 4), Vince Vaughn (No. 8), Adam Sandler (No. 9) and Jim Carrey (No.10) appear on the list. Denzel Washington (No. 3), Tom Cruise (No. 5), Drew Barrymore (No. 6) and Matt Damon (No. 7) make up the remaining spots.

I think the reason most of these actors are overpaid is because they become famous for doing one film genre and then become too comfortable. Many of these stars have recently been in the same type of movie over and over again, and the movies generally aren’t that good. Ferrell usually plays a man-child in screwball comedies and we somehow always see him in his underpants. Washington has done several action-dramas where he plays some sort of police officer or other every-man hero. The same goes for Cruise with his action films and Barrymore with her romantic comedies. When was the last time you saw Murphy not in a kids movie playing an alien or babysitting children?

Of course, this isn’t true for their entire careers. We’ve seen Ferrell be serious in Stranger than Fiction, Cruise be funny in Tropic Thunder and Barrymore be dramatic in HBO’s TV movie Grey Gardens. It seems like these stars have become complacent with their film roles in recent years. If you want people to come to your films, sometimes you need to surprise them.

Here’s the full list below with, for every $1 the star earned, how much his or her films earned on average.

1. Will Ferrell ($3.35)

2. Eddie Murphy ($4.45)

3. Denzel Washington ($5.10)

4. Seth Rogen ($6.75)

5. Tom Cruise ($7.20)

6. Drew Barrymore ($7.45)

7. Matt Damon ($8.30)

8. Vince Vaughn ($8.35)

9. Adam Sandler ($8.45)

10. Jim Carrey ($8.60)

Do you think these actors are overpaid? What actors do you think should be on this list?

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