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April 30, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Twitter (FlorrieMusic)

Twitter (FlorrieMusic)


English musician Florrie (born Florence Arnold) is a blonde beauty, and it’s easy to get distracted by her gorgeous face and impeccable fashion sense. But don’t be fooled: Florrie’s not just your ordinary pretty girl rocker. She’s a multi-talented force to be reckoned with, considering she’s a heavyweight in the music business as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Oh, and she’s beast on the drums as well.

Florrie’s impressive resume makes me wonder: who the hell made her, and for what purpose?

I was first introduced to Florrie through a commercial she funded herself for Sony’s XBA-C10 In-ear headphones (the clip also doubles as a music video for her new single, “Live a Little” – clever move on her part.) Even though the advert is three minutes in length, I was immediately sold. Minimalist, disheveled chic? Check. A bonafide dance-pop jam with an energizing jolt of rock? Check. Band? Nah, she’s got herself on drums, guitar, trumpet and vocals.

Before Florrie decided to take on the front woman role, she was comfortable taking a seat in the background: she played as a session musician for a few bands, and even drummed on a few tracks for big names like Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud and the Pet Shop Boys. However, the world has a lot to be thankful for once she explodes in 2013 as a solo act, considering her three self-released EPs (Introduction, Experiments and Late) are incredibly addicting.

“Shot You Down,” from the excellent 2012 release Late, is like a modern take on Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang.” The song is simplistic at its core: there’s a lot of repetition going on lyric-wise (“I shot him down, x10″ basically forms the entire chorus), but that’s why it’s a genius pop track. The love torn vocals are delivered with a cool disregard, and the equally stylish video puts a spell on any listener.

If you ever wondered if the model girlfriends of all the male rockers out there had a little something else in them, try Florrie. She gives her male counterparts a serious run for their money, and then some. At the moment, she’s planning an album release set for this year, so keep your ears open!

What do you think of Florrie? Tell us below!

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