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December 12, 2012  | by: Perla Peralta

Photo by Lyndsey Best (Flickr)

Have you ever gotten into an argument with your significant other at a public place? Well just imagine you guys getting loud and fussy, and then Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine breaking up your fight! I mean… I would get angry if anyone tried to get into my business but…. IT’S FLORENCE WELCH!  I’d be ok about it.

During a recent concert in Aberdeen, Scotland  two fans in the crowd were having a physical disagreement. Miss Welch was in the middle of her song Shake It Out (which was super appropriate timing by the way) and noticed that the two fans were fighting. The beloved singer then stops everything and says;

“I can’t have a fight in front of me while I’m singing this song. No fighting allowed! I don’t know what’s happening but I would quite like it to stop. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is.”

When no one responds, she exclaims;

“Excuse me, all of you, stop it. I’m sorry all of you if you’re upset…Is she OK? Is she going to be all right?”

The ethereal artist then proceeds by hopping off the stage and going down to fix the issue herself. Talk about an “If  you want something done right, do it yourself” attitude!

Don’t believe me? Check for yourself at 1:15.

Florence then jumps back on the stage and tells her fans to “be good to each other” while she readjusts herself to continue rocking.

What would you do if your favorite artist were to save you during a concert? You would think with all of those lights in their faces they would be blinded, but apparently these artists are watching! Make sure you don’t break into a fight with your boyfriend at every concert you go to…probably not a smart idea.

Just remember, the next time you go to a Florence + The Machine concert…..

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