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August 16, 2012  | by: Takiyah Tanner


Former Public Enemy member, Flavor Flav

According to the federal government’s records, William Jonathan Drayton, Jr., better known as “Flavor Flav,”  is in big trouble! The former Public Enemy rapper and reality TV star owes nearly a million dollars in back taxes for the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. Surprisingly, during these years Flav caked up quite a bit of cash when he starred in hit reality TV shows like “Flavor of Love,” “The Surreal Life,” and “Strange Love.”

According to Perez Hilton‘s sources, “documents recently filed by the Department of the Treasury show that he owes $52,243.47 for 2004, $303,035.95 for 2005 and $550,971.16 for 2006.” This brings Flavor Flav to a mountainous $906,250.56….almost a million dollars! Flav faces serious charges if he does not make an effort to pay Uncle Sam immediately. As of now, the rapper has not responded to the IRS regarding the issue.

Flavor Flav better sell a few of his clocks to make the payments to Uncle Sam, because the clock is ticking and it’s ticking fast. Should Flav star in another reality TV show to pay his debt to the IRS? Or would he just pocket that cash, too? Sell some of your bling-bling, Flav!

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