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April 23, 2013  | by: Kaitlyn Vella
Twitter (@BCBGeneration)

Twitter (@BCBGeneration)


It’s hard being a fan of musicians. I mean that in the sense that you’re always craving new music and new song, yet you’re never actually getting anything new. Sure, once the album or single comes out it’s great, but what about all the other weeks in the year? All-girl group Fifth Harmony has been making their fans incredibly happy by constantly posting cover songs on their YouTube account.

Most recently, the girls posted a cover of Taylor Swift’s song “Red.” As I expected, the cover was absolutely incredible. I watched these girls on The X Factor and fell in love with them instantly. I remember L.A. Reid telling the girls that their name didn’t make sense because they never harmonized or had good harmonies. He’s probably kicking himself in the face right now because this cover is alone is proof of their amazing harmonies.

I think it’s crazy that these five girls didn’t know each other before the competition. They have so much chemistry with one another and something incredible happens when their voiced come together. If I hadn’t heard the song “Red” before, I definitely would think that it was their song. And if I’m being perfectly honest? I think I might actually like their version a little bit more than Swift’s.

Two weeks ago, the girls posted a cover of Rihanna’s “Stay.” I was ecstatic when I saw this come up in my subscription feed. “Stay” is one of my favorite songs at the moment, if not my actual favorite. I was a bit nervous at listening to a cover of it, but I’m so happy I did. The girls absolutely killed it, in an amazing way.

I think the thing I love the most about Fifth Harmony is that they truly make each cover song their own.  They don’t try to sound like the artist they’re portraying and they don’t try to make it sound exactly the same. They simply stay true to themselves and change it up. They changed “Stay” a bit and even though I’m a huge fan of the original song, I’m obsessed with their version too.

I hope that when the girls move from covers to making music of their own they still continue to stay true to themselves. They don’t need to give into the techno, auto-tuned poppy music we’re used to hearing on the radio. They have the ability to make some incredible music with their natural, raw talent and become extremely successful in the music industry. I can’t wait to watch their story unfold.

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