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May 02, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore
Twitter (@NiallMorrison8)

Twitter (@NiallMorrison8)


So let me get this straight, being fat is a symbol of power? I, along with many others, can definitely get used to this idea. Indulge in whatever foods we want, while gaining power not necessarily pounds, doesn’t sound half bad. But here comes the fine print, being overweight is a power symbol for men only.

We see it in the tabloids all the time, female celebrities are constantly getting ridiculed for gaining a shocking three pounds. Even pregnant Kim Kardashian can’t catch a break. But wait a minute; we don’t need to look into Hollywood to see the negative stigma associated to those overweight. Just walk into any school or even the work place and you are bound to overhear some caddy talk of another’s weight.

Twitter (@SayNoToSuicide4 )

Twitter (@SayNoToSuicide4 )


As if being a woman who must be body conscious isn’t hard enough, now we are smacked with the shocking reality that it is now okay for men, only men, to be a few pounds on the heavier side.

According to the Daily Beast:

“In the male hierarchy of overweightness that runs upward from baby fat to morbid obesity, the paunch is the glorious exception. Why? Because it’s deliberate. It doesn’t come from neglect or shame or dietary ignorance. It comes from self-adoring devil-may-care confidence.”

So bring in the double standard. When women gain weight they are made fun of and sympathized for because of their lack of control. Meanwhile, when men gain weight it’s a deliberate decision, stemmed from confidence?

This does not seem to add up, but then again when it comes to men and women, how many things do?

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