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July 04, 2011  | by: LaDawn Penigar-Mitchell

Fruit Prints on the Runway

Delve into a veritable fruit bowl of inspiration and find yourself amidst one of summer’s most upbeat and refreshing trends. The fresh crop of fruit prints this summer has been colorful, whimsical, and lively.  These prints creates a flamboyant look that is daring but irresistible. These prints of retro bananas, strawberries, oranges, lemons, apples and cherries are reminiscent of a time of youth and can allow a girl to instantly dress in a playful but chic manner.

Moschino Lemon Print Dress

The fruit print found its way amongst the multitude of other style trends and landed on the runway in some of the most inspiring collections from the spring season. These fruity prints were visionary and cheerful, and designers sampled the look in casual and semi-formal outfits. Stella McCartney and Prada were especially full of fruity inspiration and dominated the runways with their fun, fresh fruit prints splashed all over dresses, skirts, tops and accessories such as bags, shoes and jewelry. The warm reception of the fruit print during the spring 2011 runway season  influenced many trendsetters and fashion lovers to sport the delicious prints and this helped usher in the look for the summer.  One can easily find fruit printed clothing now at high-street stores like Topshop, ASOS and Zara to get the designer look on a budget.

Whenever you wear a fruit print, the look is sure to be bright, fun and playful.  This summer has been all about vivid colors and loud prints, but the fruity print has a hotter edge that can be more difficult to pull off.  If the fruit print you love would look more becoming on your little sister, it obviously isn’t appropriate or flattering for you. The fruit print has an air of youth and girlishness, but don’t fall into the trap of looking adolescent or younger than your age. It’s all about a mature, refined look without sacrificing the playfulness.

Oasis Cherry Print Tea Dress

Wearing the print in moderation is the trick. Try to choose only one fruit patterned item to wear at one time and allow the big and bold pattern to make your outfit standout. That one piece in itself will make an eye-catching fashion statement; the look is bold enough to stand alone and still capture attention. For example, keep your outfit low-key and sophisticated by wearing a solid color bottom and shoe with a more eccentric, overpowering print in a top or blouse.

Also, one must be careful to know when to choose either the big and bold patterns or the smaller, delicate options. Pay attention to your body type and size and what looks best on your figure. Going for solid and neutral accessories and jewelry is a must!

From gently rounded cherries and succulent strawberries to exotic tropical prints with bright bananas and pineapples, the fruit print this summer is delicious and playful. The parade of endless radiating colors and youthful prints will have you eager to indulge in fruits like melon, cherry, pineapple and citrus.  Take a fashion risk by wearing versatile and charming designs in vibrant colors, juicy shades and zesty patterns to instantly add a fresh vibe to your wardrobe. Whether it’s a bikini or summer dress, this popular trend is girly and flirty and the perfect look for weekends and casual days.

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