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January 23, 2013  | by: Joanne Wu


Do you have those confused wardrobe moments, those days when the weather is simply too cold for shorts, yet too hot for a thick puffer jacket? Isn’t it annoying when you can’t pick something out fast enough to make it out the door? Yeah, tell me about it! 

The 2013 Sundance Film Festival was hosted in Park City, Utah from January 17, 2013 through January 27, 2013. Thinking of snowy Utah during this time, I can only think of how hard it is to still dress cute at the festival! Sometimes that warm coat you have just doesn’t match the dress you want to wear! But these celebs sure figured out a way to make it work. Let’s take a look to see what lessons we can learn from these stylish stars:

Photo cred: Ariel Kaiser for The Thread

Photo by Ariel Kaiser

1. Aviation. Singer/songwriter Nicole Atkins wore a sleek black cape with her all-black attire. Normally, I would not be so keen to the idea of cape-wearing, (Reminds me of superman…) but I’ve got to say, the cape definitely works in her favor, and keeping her warm is just an added bonus! The cape, paired with All Saints leather pants and black suede boots, gives her a slimming yet rocker-chic look.

Photo by Ariel Kaiser

Photo by Ariel Kaiser

2. All bling-ed out! This girl definitely did not let the cold weather make her look frumpy. She piled on the glitz and glamor to her simple sweater-and-leggings attire. Lesson learned, a pair of patterned leggings and leather jacket can either make or break your look. In this case, it made it. 

Photo by Ariel Kaiser

Photo by Ariel Kaiser

3. Less is more. There’s nothing wrong with thinking subtle when dressing for any situation. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with trying to match colors, as long as you do everything in moderation.

Photo by Ariel Kaiser

Photo by Ariel Kaiser

4. Shine bright like a diamond. Neon/bright colors are coming back this season. Sometimes all a outfit needs is a spark of color. Maybe it’s the 80′s style coming back around? Actress Arden Myrin dressed her black leggings, grey suede boots, and black purse with a poppin’ orange coat. It definitely catches your eye, and you can’t deny that it adds a certain charm to your overall look. 

Dressing warmly doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress frumpy-looking. Taking a look at these 4 girls dressed stylishly for the cold, it gives me an idea for what to wear the next time winter wonderland decides to hit. Will you be applying these lessons on your own wardrobe?

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