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April 29, 2013  | by: Lisa Lefever
Twitter (@kjfulani)

Twitter (@kjfulani)


The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night brought together politicians and journalists for an annual night of jokes and a red carpet with some of the nation’s most glamorous fashions. Host Conan O’Brien and Obama managed to get a few laughs from the audience through their jokes, but some celebrities earned some chuckles for their choice of dress.

This event is known for the mixture of celebs and politicians, but the looks on the red carpet were rather homogeneous. I expected to see many stunning gowns at the event and I did. Not only were the dresses stunning, but they were elegant and polished. These people are going to share the room with the president and the president’s fashionable first lady for goodness sake! Mrs. Obama looked gorgeous as always, by the way.

Twitter (@TIME)

Twitter (@TIME)


It’s difficult to pick out some of my favorites because there were few dresses that I didn’t like. I saw a lot of jewel tones — rich blues, golds, and silvers. There were several eye-catching purple dresses from Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michelle Dockery. I loved them because they truly captured the spirit of such a royal event.

Twitter (@TIME)

Twitter (@TIME)


Some of the looks that I wasn’t so crazy about include Katy Perry‘s green strapless dress and Connie Britton‘s blue number. I thought Katy looked beautiful, but the dress just didn’t do her justice. And what is that stick looking thing around her waist?! I think she could have been better off with a different gown — maybe a sleek LBD.

And the Nashville star’s blue dress just wasn’t there for me. The shape was nice, but the color didn’t work. I also wasn’t crazy about the lace pattern. She looks 20 years older!

Twitter (@dolcefanx), Twitter (@naguemode)

Twitter (@dolcefanx), Twitter (@naguemode)



What did you think about Washington’s red carpet? Did you watch the star-studded event? Tweet @emcBlue with hashtag #WHCD.

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