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June 18, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (farrahabraham)

Instagram (farrahabraham)


Seems like the more camera time Farrah Abraham receives, the dumber she appears to the public eye. The Backdoor: Teen Mom believes she’s smarter than everybody’s favorite celebrity socialite, Kim Kardashian, and was pretty unsatisfied with the comparisons she’s been receiving lately to the star.

It’s new mom vs. Teen Mom: Battle of the Brains edition!

According to an interview with Metropolis Nights Magazine, Abraham thinks she has “books and other things going on in [her] life that outshine Kim Kardashian,” and comparisons of her to Kanye West’s baby mama are simply “unfair.” Abraham then continued the hallucination, claiming her professional ventures “outshine” that of Kardashian’s.

Lemme stop right there before the stupidity sinks far too deep.

Farrah Abraham, I totally agree with you that these comparisons are unjust. But more so on Kardashian’s part than yours. Everyone knows in order for there to be any comparison made there should first be some sufficient sense of similarity between the two subjects.

You, however, fall well below the bar when it comes to the amount of success and popularity Kardashian has in comparison to your own. Even baby Mason Disick is more recognizable than you and I’m sure we all can agree with that.

Instagram (farrahabraham)

Instagram (farrahabraham)

It would be foolish for us to ignore the obvious comparisons, though: Both of you rose to fame from a sex tape, are reality show stars and have similar facial features (albeit debatable).

Still, this sense of “outshining” you speak of, is nothing less than a mere delusion. Kim K has millions upon millions of dollars to sit on like a throne, thanks to a multitude of endorsement deals and her hit reality show. You, on the other hand, were a part of an expendable cast of forgettable faces.

This may sound cruel but always with good intentions, girl. Focus on raising your child away from the spotlight, and steer clear of the mindless delusions racing through your head.

Wouldn’t a simple, “Congratulations on your new baby, Kimmy!” tweet have been better suited? Or do you think Abraham has more going for her than Kim K does?

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