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August 03, 2012  | by: Martha Adjei

Farrah's memoir hits Amazon August 14th.

Farrah Abraham opens up about depression and drug abuse in her new memoir, “My Teenage Dream Ended“, according to InTouch Magazine. The Teen Mom star says that she was extremely depressed two years after her daughter, Sophia, was born, and “could only think about killing herself”.

‘I figured I would drown myself in the bathtub – that seemed like the easiest way to go,’ Farrah said.

The interview also reveals that Farrah turned to alcohol and drugs for comfort, but the comfort was temporary. Although Farrah did contemplate suicide, the thought of her 3-year-old daughter kept her pushing on.

“I realized I was being selfish,” says Farrah. “The most important thing is making sure that [Sophia’s] well taken care of — how am I going to do that if I’m dead?”

With the help of some much needed therapy sessions, Farrah was able to bounce back from her depression and drug abuse. “Therapy helped me manage my emotions,” Farrah tells In Touch. “I was diagnosed with clinical depression, so I truly needed medication and frequent sessions with a counselor to get back on track.

I’m glad Farrah is opening up about her depression and drug abuse– at least now we have some background behind those crazy days when everyone thought she was an unfit parent for abandoning her daughter to  go out at night! I think this memoir will be therapeutic for Farrah, and  a good keepsake for Sophia when she’s old enough to understand what’s going on.

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