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July 09, 2013  | by: Neil Protacio
Twitter (F1abraham)

Twitter (F1abraham)


From household name to porn DVD cover, “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham has been in and out of headlines for her questionable motherly antics. Quite frankly, it’s beginning to get a little anal (ha-ha! See what I did there?).

After having graced headlines for appearing in “Backdoor Teen Mom” with pornstar icon James Deen, which subsequently became Vivid Entertainment’s #1 selling DVD, the “Teen Mom” star tweeted that she was excited to party at the company’s gentlemen’s club in Mooresville, North Carolina.

A call was made to Vivid questioning the appearance and a representative confirmed. Yes, Abraham will be at Vivid on July 18. No word yet on what exactly she’s going to be there for as it is still in negotiation.

This is getting sad, folks. Abraham was known for her tragic story on “Teen Mom”in which we learned that she was raising a daughter after her boyfriend was killed. To make things worse, she was in the grips of an overbearing mother. Suffice to say, ‘Teen Mom” fans were rooting for her!

Long gone are those days of “Teen Mom” and now Abraham has been enrolled in alcohol rehab. After having starred in “Backdoor Teen Mom”, she has gotten on everyone’s bad side by bad mouthing not only Deen, but other celebrities, including “Teen Mom” co-star Catelynn Lowell. On top of that, instead of spending Mother’s Day with her daughter, Sophia, Abraham ditched the kid for a party in Dallas.

Twitter (f1abraham)

Twitter (f1abraham)


In hindsight, perhaps this is the best way to pull in the cash to raise her daughter Sophia. Who are we to judge? Many celebrities such as Channing Tatum and Eve have swirled the pole and twerked for dollars. After this appearance, though, shall we address Farrah Abraham as “Teen Mom star” or “Vivid Entertainment” star?

What do you think of Farah Abraham’s appearance at the Gentleman’s Club?

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