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November 03, 2012  | by: Crystal Fernandez

Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

Ring! ring! Attention all Lady Gaga fans, your prayers have been answered! It seems mother monster will be back in a sequel to GaGa’s 2010 song Telephone. I have to admit, there is not much to work with at the moment, considering all of this hype is coming from a one word tweet. But this one word has stirred up lots of excitement.

While tweeting about the final presidential debate last week, Lady Gaga took some time to answer questions from fans. Among the questions was from a curious fan who tweeted “Telephone sequel, Fact or fake?”. “Fact,” Mother Monster replied. Not much is known about the anticipated sequel, except that it has been confirmed and that it will be in her 2013 album ARTPOP.
Whether it’s fact or fiction, the continuation of “Telephone” and the possibility of Gaga collaborating again with Beyonce is very much a thrilling news for Little Monsters everywhere.
Back in 2010 Lady Gaga and the Queen B teamed up for one of the fiercest pop collaborations in recent memory. But the accompanying clip, which imagined the pop stars as “Thelma & Louise” types with a taste for couture and murder, became an instant smash.
Whether or not Beyonce will make the album’s final cut is still a mystery but Gaga did confirm that the album will not be without great collaborations, Lana Del Rey has collaborated with her on the LP version of “Princess Die,” a track she’s been playing in concert for months. Additionally, rapper Azealia Banks is set to appear on ARTPOP. In a fanchat on her, Gaga revealed that she recorded a song called “Ratchet” with the feisty MC.

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