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December 19, 2011  | by: Kyle Edwards

Back in February, a demon-eyed Tyler the Creator was swallowing roaches and hanging himself in his grainy, out-of-focus video for “Yonkers,” making some statement deemed shocking enough to earn himself the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist. (And, of course, I wrote an article about it.)

Then in May, Kreayshawn was dissing basic bitches and freeing V-Nasty in her single “Gucci Gucci,” and for about 3 minutes in July, everyone and their mothers added Kreayshawn on Twitter and blasted her forgettable non-“Gucci Gucci” songs out of their car stereos.

Now the two are nowhere to be seen except for a few mentions on obscure blogs about their upcoming projects.

In retrospect, 2011 was a year for big personalities, shining brightly before fading off into obscurity. The songs we chose to honor with our awards were less-than-spectacular, dull works of self-gratifying experimental pop. In our award shows, we hail a number of artists as the next big thing, hoping that they would be a progressive inaugural voice in the next generation of music. But more often than not, they never amount to anything more than a one-hit wonder.

Case in point: Neon Trees took home Top Alternative Song at the Billboard Music Awards for their song “Animal,” winning against the likes of indie-folk giants Mumford & Sons and Florence and the Machine. Now, while Florence and the Machine is playing on SNL, and my bearded friends are still saving up to buy a banjo to play “Little Lion Man,” fans of Neon Trees have moved on to bigger and better things, leaving their last few singles – “Sins of My Youth” and “Everybody Talks” – entirely absent on any of the US charts.

How did this happen?

This is something that has been going on since time immemorial. Way back in 2008, MTV named Tokio Hotel (who?) as Best New Artist. The sad fact is that Tokio Hotel won over four artists. The four? Jordan Sparks, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Yeah. I’m sure an MTV executive got fired after that one.

Down the road, Tyler the Creator or Kreayshawn might pop back into relevance with a new project. Who knows? One day they might even be a household name. But until then, I’ll just keep listening to Lady Gaga.

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