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January 28, 2011  | by: Vanessa Douglas

J-Woww & Snooki On Their Own

In the wake of all the fresh controversy MTV has garnered (thanks Skins), Jersey Shore still manages to remain in the spotlight.

Nicole Polizzi has (somehow) published a novel, Pauly D will soon have his own spin-off show, and  MTV announced that the fourth season of Jersey Shore will be set in Italy.

On top of all that, there is news that Nicole and Jenni Farley, affectionately  known as Snooki and J-Woww, will have their own spin-off show.

The program will be “somewhat scripted” and will display how incompetent the female duo is.  While fans of the twosome might be excited over the news of more Jersey Shore mania, there are some issues at hand.

First, although the new show will supposedly be scripted, it still shows the women in a negative light. Apparently Snooki will move in with J-Woww, and they will have to face “real life problems,” such as writing a check and figuring out a mortgage.  While this may seem harmless, they will be depicted as intentionally unintelligent all the while. Both women have gone to college and started businesses after receiving  Jersey Shore fame, so it is curious that they are subjecting themselves to such humiliation.

Snooki and J-Woww

While they have done questionable (almost illicit) things on television, the fact that they continue to represent themselves in unfavorable ways for the sake of entertainment is unfortunate.

Jersey Shore is, literally, a guilty pleasure. It is enjoyable to watch the cast make fools of themselves because it makes us feel better about ourselves.  We judge them, thinking, “I can’t believe they just did/said that. I would never do that.” At the same time, we feel guilty that we even watch it in the first place.  The emergence of this new show perpetuates that phenomenon.

The upside is that Snooki and J-Woww will undoubtedly make plenty of money and gain even more exposure with their new show. Let’s hope that they have lost all sense of  self-consciousness and that they can be successful, despite their poor choices.

An air date for the new spin off has yet to be announced.

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