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March 04, 2013  | by: Leigh Badrigian
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left: Flickr (besafebestrong) right: Flickr (ElvinC)



It’s been two years since the Harry Potter franchise ended (jeez…doesn’t that make you feel old), and Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have worked their magic, leading very successful acting careers post-Harry.

Once a franchise has wrapped, it’s common for its lead actors to want to completely disassociate themselves from the role they fear they’ve become synonymous with. They’ll do everything in their power to land a subsequent role that is the polar opposite of the one they’re most well-known for. Sometimes they go a little too far, though, resulting in what I like to call the whoa nelly! effect.

The whoa nelly! effect may occur when an actress known for her goody-two-shoes role signs on to play, say, a famous porn star, or when an actor best known for playing the super sweet and sensitive lead we all know and love makes his next role that of a puppy killer or something. Audiences just can’t stomach it, so they purge their once-beloved actors from their hearts, never to be let in again! It’s quite tragic, really.

Luckily, Emma and Daniel didn’t go the whoa nelly! route, and instead chose roles that were different enough from Hermione and Harry, but not so extreme that they’d jeopardize their likability. After Harry Potter, Daniel made a horror film, The Woman in Black, which had me cuddling with my Build-a-Bear every night for a week straight due to fear. Emma made The Perks of Being a Wallflower, playing one of the leads who we first fell in love with when we read the popular book.

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 1.38.37 PM

Flickr (drj1828)

However, for their next roles, Emma and Daniel are going back to their fantastical roots, playing characters from two of our most beloved fictional stories. Emma’s going to be surrounded by magical spells once again, but you won’t hear her muttering wingadium leviosa. Instead, we’ll hear bibbity-bobbity-boop! That’ll be in Cinderella, of course, and Emma’s in talks to play the lead!

It’s still very early, but Disney’s re-making Cinderella and they may be trying to fit the glass slipper on Emma’s foot! Kenneth Branagh (director of Thor) will be at the helm, working alongside producer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class). Cate Blanchett will supposedly play the role of Cinderella’s wicked stepmother, which has me squealing with delight! Cate’s the shiz and totally dominates any role she plays. The woman could play a wooden stick and blow us away with her skills, but she has gorgeous wicked stepmother written all over her!

Fingers crossed Emma gets the lead! Right now she’s only “in talks” to play Cinderella, and apparently, Disney’s also looking at Gabriella Wilde, Alicia Vikander, and Saoirse Ronan to possibly play the beloved princess. I think Emma would draw in more audiences, though. Aaaand she’ll have to go blonde, too, which means another dramatic ‘do we’re bound to love! I’m dying to know who will play the smokin’ hot prince and Cinderella’s beloved fairy godmother! This is so exciting!

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 1.42.16 PM

Flickr (Paxton Holley)

While Emma’s in early talks to play Cinderella, Daniel’s in final talks to play Igor in a film version of Mary Shelley’s spooky classic novel, Frankenstein! Daniel will be gettin’ all hunchback to play the lab assistant of Dr. Frankenstein, one of the most famous characters in English literature.

The film will be directed by Lucky Number Slevin‘s, Paul McGuigan, who also directed several episodes of the popular British television series, “Sherlock.” With the ever-so-brooding “Sherlock” on his resume, I have faith that McGuigan will definitely be able to capture the dark and creepy vibe that’s essential to Frankenstein

No word yet who’ll play Dr. Frankenstein himself, but I can’t wait to see Daniel totally transform for this unconventional role! Supposedly the film will be told through the eyes of Igor, making Daniel the lead rather than Dr. Frankenstein, who you’d think would be the star. The Woman in Black showed us Daniel can do creepy, and I have no doubt he’ll shine in this role. Both Cinderella and Frankenstein are set to be released next year.

Okay, so Emma’s and Daniel’s careers are taking off faster than a Nimbus 2000, so the real question is…where in the bloody hell is Rupert Grint?!

What are your thoughts? Will Emma be your new favorite Disney princess? Do you think Daniel will be able to rock a hunchback?




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