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May 21, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Flickr (Max-California)

Flickr (Max-California)


Every mom wants to be a cool mom. Not necessarily in a manner referential to Amy Poehler’s plastic-chested, martini-wielding Mrs. George in “Mean Girls,” but still a mother that merits some form of public acceptance from their offspring. Well, as in many cases, Gwen Stefani has bested society. She is not just a cool mom, she is the cool mom. 

According to a recent poll by iHeartRadio, Ms. Stefani is the coolest mom in the music industry. With 30.4 percent of the vote, she far surpassed all the other mothers vying for the title. Second place went to Sheryl Crow with 20.4 percent, then Beyonce with 17.4, Shakira with 12.4, Christina Aguilera with 8.8, Madonna with 6.4, and finally, Britney Spears with 4.1 percent of the vote. So what does this mean?

That Kingston and Zuma are two lucky tykes. Genetics were already working in their favor, being the progeny of two rockstars and the half-brothers of it-girl Daisy Lowe. But the predestined sex-god looks, Hollywood takeover, and artistic genius? That’s just a bonus.

To be fair to the other mothers on the list – Blue Ivy is too young and too hidden to have sparked public envy yet, and Shakira has only been a mother for a matter of months. Give her some time. I have nothing to say on the behalf Christina Aguilera, Madonna, or Britney Spears though – except heaven help their children.

All aspects considered, Gwen Stefani really is the coolest mom in the music industry. She has a happily functioning family with two phenomenally named and exquisitely dressed sons, a husband who belongs in a Calvin Klein ad (the undressed kind) and a career that just won’t quit. I guess some women really can have it all.

Do you think Gwen Stefani is a cool mom? Or is there another songstress who should have taken top spot?

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