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November 10, 2011  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

Fashion is often used to define oneself and their personality. Though fashion changes more than usual, it always manages to keep growing! But in the tough world of fashion, at times it is difficult for designers to find their place so only certain people stay relevant. For young fashion designer, Jay Aura, the risk of becoming irrelevant in the fashion industry was not an option. So he took the plunge and created Aura Clothing Company. And it looks like he has been doing more than just surviving in the world of fashion.

emcBlue sat down with the up and coming fashion designer, Jay Aura, and got some great insight on his clothing line, fashion and his love for kicks. Check out the interview below:

emcBlue: What was your inspiration for your clothing line?

Jay Aura: I love fashion and art. I have worked in the wholesale/retail side at some point in my life. Other than that most of the inspiration behind Aura is just about being yourself. Everyone wants to have swag nowadays and its getting a bit played out. Only you can represent your aura.

emcBlue: What type of clientele is your clothing line geared towards?

Jay Aura: Aura is a lifestyle brand. It’s for everyone; I do not see how anyone would not be able to relate somehow. As the line progresses it will be more apparent.

emcBlue: Are there other designers that inspire you? If so, who?

Jay Aura: Of course! I get inspiration from multiple designers here and there. One of my favorites would have to be the guys over at Cavi. I love the way they mix casual and refined fashion pieces. That would definitely be something I would want to incorporate into Aura Clothing in the future.

emcBlue: What was your favorite piece of clothing/footwear growing up?

Jay Aura: Hmm.. lets see if I can take it back. Growing up my favorite kicks were the Jordan VII and the Bo Jackson Nike Air Trainer SC. I loved those kicks…I had them in all colors! Even had the Bo Jacksons with the embroidered Dominican flag in the back! Those were the days. I was also a hat guy, if you seen me out you could be sure to find me in an exclusive fitted at all times growing up.

emcBlue: How did you know you wanted to have your own clothing line?

Jay Aura: I’ve known since I was a little kid that this is ultimately one of the things I wanted to do. It’s just one of those things I threw on the back burner growing up because I didn’t know how to execute it correctly. The skill set I obtained working and going to school is really what helped me bring it all together.

emcBlue: How do you find ideas for new styles?

Jay Aura: Ideas for new styles come randomly. Its very rare I sit down and work on “ideas” for new styles. It seems to me the best ideas just appear to you throughout the day now if only I can remember to write them all down!

emcBlue: Is there anything you would like our readers to know about you or your clothing line?

Jay Aura: Aura is an independent brand; we are growing slowly but we are growing. Every time we release something we continue to improve quality. In other brands you may be seen as fresh, but when will you give them a chance to feel your aura? Aura represents you because only you control your aura. So even if your unaware, your presence is felt!

Check out Aura Clothing here. Follow Aura Clothing on FaceBook and Twitter.

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