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January 05, 2012  | by: Dania McDermott

Justin as Elton?

When a past-their-prime star announces who they’d like to portray them on the big screen, it’s usually a riotous occasion. Appealing to the lingering egos of their younger selves, divas like Aretha Franklin ignite the potential for mockery by insisting on a beauty queen. Divas like Elton John, however, are a lot less controversial.

This Train Has Stopped Here Once.

This Train Has Stopped Here Once.

In a recent chat with the Los Angeles Times, the singer confirmed that Justin Timberlake is “number one” on his wish list for the “very much in the works” biopic, Rocketman. The news may shock those who’ve forgotten Timberlake’s turn as John in “This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore,” but Sir Elton certainly hasn’t.

In fact, the 2001 music video is the chief catalyst to John’s zeal for Timberlake, whose performance he dubs “superb.” Helmed by one of the most in-demand and cutting edge photographers, David LaChapelle, it may well have been – but one music video does not a movie make.

In fact, using a five minute music video during which Timberlake lip syncs and plays a loosely drawn character to cast a feature length film is a bit like electing the neighborhood drunk Mayor after seeing how well he gets on with people at the bus stop.

Sure, the two share some fairly obvious things in common – they’re both musical performers, and they’ve both worn curious outfits – but the proverbial buck train stops there. Of course, Timberlake, who managed to impress in The Social Network, is rumored to be taking John’s interest “very seriously.” And so he should.

Given the promise that Rocketman will be more Moulin Rouge than traditional biopic fare, the once-tween heartthrob’s portrayal of a British, flamboyantly gay rock icon could either do what Ray did for Jamie Foxx, or what Factory Girl didn’t for Sienna Miller. In either event, we’ll be watching.

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