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September 08, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (elliegoulding)

Instagram (elliegoulding)


Ellie Goulding has been wowing audiences across the globe with her voice ever since she sparked the scene in 2010, and I must say, she’s perhaps the only UK artist whose music I will always gravitate towards. Not only does the “Lights” singer’s music resonate well with the ears of many, she also makes darn good covers.

From taking on the island princess Rihanna’s sensational hit, “Only Girl,” to borrowing a classic from the canon of Elton John, Goulding’s covers have an irresistible way of outshining its original. Her latest feat just so happens to be Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors.”

Whenever I hear “Burn” play on my Spotify playlist it makes me want to run harder, faster and stronger. When I am studying and Goulding’s “Explosions” comes up on iTunes shuffle, I resist the urge to put away the French homework and sing-along.

Instagram (elliegoulding)

Instagram (elliegoulding)


Those are the sort of sensations I familiarize myself with whenever her music is in the talks. I was hoping the same feeling would pass over when I’d heard her cover of Timberlake’s sexy-sweet ballad. However, I was not impressed with the final product.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, here: Timberlake’s voice is like good sex to the ears, and when you listen to him sing, he’s careful and considerate (much like sex should be). Remember “Until The End Of Time?” Slow, seductive and smoking hot! That is part of the reason people melt over his music, because he sounds sexy and is clever with his timing, which is something that obviously didn’t translate in Goulding’s rendition:

Between her constant rushing (more like, crashing) into every verse and that unbecoming yodeling sound she makes just as her breath winds down, I didn’t have the experience I’d hoped for. Instead of that tingling sensation you feel after hearing JT’s tune, I got the unsavory impression of an awkward makeout session with McLovin from Superbad. Gross!

What do you think about Goulding’s version of “Mirrors?” Do you like it or does her voice actually make you want to break one?

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