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April 16, 2012  | by: Terralynn Fortune

"I was styled by my cousin for this photo shoot. The clothes were designed by another cousin of mine so I'd have to call this shoot a family affair."

From the Queens Village to the streets of Manhattan, Edwina tells all on how she shops smart to how she makes a statement.

Believe me, she does it all; from modeling, to window-shopping online, to getting outfits custom made; Edwina loves to showcase her personal style. Considering the fact that she studied financing in school, Edwina trusts in getting her moneys’ worth.

Spending wisely and saving is her number one priority when it comes to fashion. “In fashion, things go out of style in a flash, so instead of splurging on clothes that I may wear just once, I’d rather splurge on accessories, bags and shoes that can be worn for a lifetime,” she says.

What tips can you give on shopping wisely?

First, you should always do your homework! Window-shopping online is a great way to scope around and compare prices without having to actually go into stores. From this you’ll find that a lot of stores carry the same or similar items, with the price range varying immensely. In my book, this is the best tactic in avoiding buyer’s remorse after making purchases. Another tip is to shop with cash only. After setting a budget, it’s best to keep it within that range or you’ll certainly regret it later.

When it comes to fashion, what’s an important factor?

Originality. When it comes to fashion I get a few of my outfits made so I can wear exactly what I envision. It’s all about breaking the rules; I wear white  pants after Labor Day and bright colors all year long! I like to keep up with the trends and this season, I’m in love with all the colors that are in stores. Color blocking has always been my favorite and now that it is trending, I’m completely in love.

"A night out with the girls." Simple but chic, with a orange blouse from a small boutique in Manhattan, black leggings, pink Chinese Laundry heels and pink clutch from Aldo.

Do you look up to any celebrities for fashion inspiration? If so, who and why?

My style doesn’t necessarily imitate celebrities but I do get ideas from Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and a few bloggers (style pantry is my favorite). I love anything edgy and colorful, yet sophisticated and chic, and these 2 ladies’ style really depict that.

What are your go-to stores?

My favorite stores would be H&M, Forever 21, and Guess. Aldo and Steve Madden, for their shoes and accessories. But when all else fails, I say go to Macy’s. The variety there is amazing; I believe there is something there for everyone.

What should every stylish girl have in her closet?

Well, I live in a city where throwing a jacket close to year-round is mandatory. So New Yorker chick colorful blazers are definitely a necessity. With a simple tank top underneath and a hot statement necklace, you just can’t go wrong. Throwing on a blazer just adds that extra sass that every girl needs for a day/night out. Jeans that fit properly are also a must and there’s nothing like being 5 inches taller than what you actually are, so stack up on some nice stilettos.

Edwina’s Tip: check out this website for an idea on how to style the same shoe various ways, with various colors.

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