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March 08, 2012  | by: Martha Adjei
The Ambi Pump in black

The Ambi Pump in Black

Hey ladies, imagine not having to clunk around in heels all day with this adorable two-for-one stiletto shoe called the Ambi pump. Ecouterre says this sustainable shoe has flats built inside and are made from natural organic fibers that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. What else can you wish for in a shoe?

Well, there’s more. The founder, Sheena Young, is a Johns Hopkins University PhD student who was tired of wearing painful shoes that look but not feel good on your feet.

“This project all came about one New Year’s Eve when I grew tired of wearing my high heels, but didn’t want to walk barefoot,” Young says. “This is the perfect solution for all of us women who want to wear trendy, fashion-forward high heel shoes and want the comfort of wearing flats. They provide a simple solution to painful high heel shoes”.

So if you like shoes and care about the environment and care about how your feet feel after an all-night bar crawl, this shoe is perfect for you. The Ambi pump is now available in black and gold, and at $70-75 dollars a pair, you can’t be too mad at it! After all, who wouldn’t want an eco pair of stilettos to show off to the girlfriends?

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