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November 02, 2011  | by: Kyle Edwards

Population: 7,000,000,000

It’s a shame. Just as soon as we can simultaneously express jubilation and distress over the birth of the world’s symbolic seven billionth citizen, we are given the tragic news of Kim Kardashian’s divorce from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries. In one fell swoop, a simple matter of irreconcilable differences eclipsed the very symbol of our ever-expanding population.

And while most of us collectively fret over the reasons why America’s royal family is going their separate ways, others recognize the unsettling fact that this seven billionth person represents the threat of over-population in a world of increasingly scarce resources.

It’s true; some are saying that this number is grossly miscalculated, and that the population will not reach seven billion for a couple of months. There have also been quite a few disputes over which baby is the real seven billionth (a number impossible to determine by any means). Whether you believe that our little seven billion is baby Danica May Camacho from the Philippines or Nargis of Uttar Pradesh, India, the point is being sorely missed.

The hard fact is that the population has increased by one billion in a meager 12 years – nearly two billion since this writer has been alive. The symbolic six billionth, Adnan Mevic of Bosnia, is an innocent, baby-faced preteen living under terrible conditions, with a heart condition and a terminally ill father. His family lacks the resources and the means to pay for sufficient health care. The U.N., who had given Adnan’s family such rapt attention during his birth, has yet to make any contact since.


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