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April 25, 2011  | by: Lakin Starling

Earl Sweatshirt

OFWGKTA member Earl Sweatshirt, whose real name is Thebe, hasn’t been on the scene for awhile, but he hasn’t been forgotten. The underage Earl, Tyler the Creator’s right-hand man and cousin, was a little too young to hang with the rest of the wild guys of Odd Future, so his mom sent him away.  After the video “Earl” debuted on YouTube, it was clear that this guy had a pretty large fascination with drugs and living on the edge, in addition to his tight lyrical skills. Unfortunately, that his mom didn’t like that, so off he went.  Yet nobody quite knew where, until now.

Complex Magazine embarked on a search for the 16 year-old emcee, trying to find his exact whereabouts. Through an extensive investigation through all types of social media sites and contacts, they found that he was in Samoa. Thebe is at The Coral Reef Experience, a program for young men from America who are “lost in depression, drugs or alcohol” and provides therapeutic solutions.

Earl at the Coral Reef Experience

Complex tried to contact the program to see if Thebe was really staying there despite the photographic evidence, but legally they could not release that information. Later in the week, Tyler tweeted “When Thebe Comes Back, The World Is Ours, Seriously.”

Although it’s unclear when Earl will return, it’s likely that when he comes back, he still won’t be 18 (and definitely not 21 — but neither is Tyler), so I wonder if he’ll actually be able to get right back into the the lifestyle of an Odd Future member.  The music video “Earl” was quite disturbing, so I think his mother made a good choice in getting him help. Granted, the music he makes is great, but he’s rather young to be consumed with the type of activities that the rest of his older friends indulge in. In the meantime, every one is waiting on Earl’s return to see what’s next with OFWGKTA.

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