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March 23, 2013  | by: Kasey Kilinski
Flickr (Oklahoma County Sheriff)

Flickr (Oklahoma County Sheriff)


I feel like celebrity DUI’s are becoming more and more common. What up with that?

In real life I have learned through acquaintances (not personal experience – thank goodness!) that it’s actually possible to get a DUI even if you are under the legal blood alcohol limit. They just have to believe that you have some sort of alcohol in your system and you’re toast! So that beer you had at the restaurant with your dinner could lead to a DUI?! Awful. But in celebrity land it is like they have to actually swipe a cop car or do some major property damage in order to get in trouble. Interesting.

In the past week I’ve heard about “Teen Mom” star, Farrah Abraham, as well as old school rapper, Too $hort, getting DUI’s. Farrah allegedly nearly crashed into a cop car when taking a wide turn and continued to bite the Breathalyzer instead of blowing into it? She then claimed to be sick. Hmm. Too $hort was pulled over for a traffic violation and then tried to run away when cops tried to give him the Breathalyzer test. He then tripped and fell, making it easy for cops to get him. And THEN he allegedly tried to throw narcotics out of the back of the cop car. Shakes my head.

Mixing these with infamous incidents, such as those featuring Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Bynes…. what is going on with the world?! I am the most upset about Amanda Bynes. Remember when she tweeted President Obama after her arrest? Let me refresh your memory. She said:

“Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end,”


And speaking of Amanda Bynes, did you hear what she tweeted to Drake?



!!! What is going on with her??

Anyways… stop being so crazy, Hollywood! If you’re so wealthy why don’t you just take a cab? If not a cab… an awesome limo! If I could afford it I would take an awesome limo everywhere I go. I’d never drive another day in my life!

Moral of the story: Don’t drink and drive. Or behave like any of those mentioned above.

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  • http://twitter.com/freeasabirdart L a u r e n

    I agree Kasey! take a freakin’ limo, I know I would. SHOOOT!