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August 01, 2011  | by: Ashley Vaughn

Jennifer Aniston

Movie-stars, singers, superstars all alike are known to wear what is considered fashion forward clothing. They are supposed to be a walking canvas to illustrate the items we want and dream to have in our closets. The clothes they wear are more than likely more extravagant than the average everyday person’s wardrobe. Stars wear fancy outfits to the airports, to basketball games, and even if they are just walking around at home. It is refreshing when we see a celebrity who dons a pair of jeans, regular t-shirt, and flip flops. Someone who we love to see, we love to adore, and is always dressed simple yet chic like Jennifer Aniston.

Most of the time it isn’t expected for the stars who seem to have all the riches in the world, to wear clothes as we would. It is excepted they wear the most expensive, the most outrageous, and sometimes the most ugliest thing, because they have the monetary means. We expect to see this. But when things are expected, a surprise shall come at some point. The beautiful Jen Aniston has always kept her style easygoing and effortless. When we first met her on the popular, record-breaking show Friends, she had the wake-up-and-go hair that everyone wanted, and clothes that everyone could relate to. Yes, this may have been the character she was portraying, but she also lived this character outside of acting.

Outside in paparazzi photographs we can always see Aniston in a pair of sunglasses, perfect fitting jeans, t-shirt and sneakers or sandals. She never has on too much make-up, allowing her sun-kissed tan to be her concealer. Even at award shows we see her in simple (speak for itself) gowns. At tour appearances for her movies, she can also be seen in a sexy short dress, with little to no accessories; Aniston is the spokesperson for minimalist fashion.

Jen Aniston in Neutral Colored Dress

The starlet wears a lot of solid neutral colors. She chooses a lot of blacks, creams, grays or whites; it is rare that she is seen in bright colors. This compliments her modest loving personality very well. We wouldn’t expect to see Aniston in the latest trends with prints and patterns and the bright bold colors. She stays simple, classic and chic with her timeless pieces. The most we can expect from her is an upgraded sexy haircut, and that still causes America to uproar and fall further in love with her.

Let everyone fall more in love with you and your effortless attitude towards fashion. Going to a fashion exclusive event? Wear a sexy form fitting dress that just nicely hangs on your body, or change it up and play with the menswear trend, with trousers and a vest with nothing underneath like Aniston has done before. Spending time with friends? Wear a solid colored maxi dress, or skirt with embellished sandals. With stars like Aniston it is all about timeless staples that make your wardrobe worthwhile. Don’t let the outfit be louder than your personality. Everybody should have a hint of Jen Aniston in their hearts, and in their closet; be Friends with the simpleness and easiness of fashion and life, like Aniston has done.

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