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May 18, 2011  | by: Bianca Salvant

Donald Trump

It is no secret that Donald Trump deeply wanted to become President of the United States. His attacks against President Obama made it very clear that he was trying to win the seat. Because of all the drama he caused, it is easy to wonder if Trump is simply hungry for attention and the ability to stay in the media.

Trump likes to refer to himself as a businessman, and indeed he is, but he is also a socialite. A term that is used for individuals who are well known because of social and entertainment events, for instance, Kim Kardashian.

Many found it difficult to take him seriously when it came to running this country. Although, we cannot take away what he has accomplished. With an estimated $7 billon net worth, he definitely puts his money where his mouth is but was he ever the right man to be the face of America?

In my opinion, no.

Although Trump’s success is obvious, he has also made it clear that his ability to stay out of the media is unheard of. The president of a country needs to understand the importance of privacy. Also, Donald Trump is known for not being able to keep his mouth closed — he picks fights. If we have a president that doesn’t have a verbal filter, we will eventually be at war with the world!

Well, a lot of people feared Trump entering office but this is to put you at ease: he announced on Monday, May 16, 2011, that he will no longer be running for president. Why? Because he loves business too much. Check out the video:

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