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February 05, 2011  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

DJ Kool Herc

Late last week, news spread that DJ Kool Herc was diagnosed with kidney stones and could not afford a surgery that was highly recommended by his doctor. Events were put together to help raise money to help the DJ and Herc reached out to his fans for help. But not enough money was raised in order to help the DJ pay for his surgery or minimize the $10,000 bill he already had.

With no health insurance or help to pay his medical bills, Herc has started speaking out about health care reform. Using the media news about his sickness, he is spreading the news about the lack of health insurance many Americans do not have and are in much need of. Herc’s ability to speak out his caused many other entertainers to speak out and it also resulted in Jeff Chang helping Herc to pay with for his surgery. Jeff Chang is the author of “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” and Herc wrote an introduction for the book.

Herc hopes to make a difference by speaking out about health care reform and hopes that others will speak up as well. Many believe that Herc and other entertainers speaking out about health insurance, will help America realize that this doesn’t only affect the average person but everyone. People don’t feel so alone anymore because they know that even their favorite entertainer can be dealing with the same problem. This is going to help people unite to fix health reform problems and feel more comfortable to speak out now that they have some of their idols to back them up.
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