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March 08, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore
Flickr (Photographer Hector Torres)

Flickr (Photographer Hector Torres)

Dita Von Teese is no stranger to drama. The style and fashion icon proved queen of the stage, making waves with her dramatic Burlesque dances throughout the 1990s. But Dita Von Teese is not stopping there. She is now transforming the drama of her sexy Burlesque dances to creating both lingerie and perfume lines available to you and I come this April.

Dita Von Teese’s perfume and lingerie collections will launch on HSN on April 23 and will range from $20-$75. Expect to seen traces of 1950s glamour throughout her lingerie line. “I have a long-standing affection for lingerie, but also as most people know, retro style” Von Teese told Elle Magazine. Her collection is said to be completely feminine, detailed with velvet ribbon, detailed lace trim, and control mesh.


Flickr (The Lingerie Addict)

Flickr (The Lingerie Addict)


Not only has Dita Von Teese made sexy, fashionable lingerie a priority, she was able to integrate comfortability and function into her collection as well. In combining both fashion and function, Von Teese is reaching out to the everyday woman. She is making it easier for women to incorporate sexy fashion into their everyday lives, without sacrificing comfort. Dita Von Teese is ultimately making women everywhere feel more self-confident as they carry out their daily activities in see-through lace and soft velvet.


This Burlesque showgirl is a proponent of DIY, just do it yourself. It may be crazy to imagine but Dita Von Teese does not travel with an entire hair and makeup entourage is and very much into creating her look herself. She revealed to Elle, “It’s not magic, you just have to have the ambition, patience, and desire to create it yourself”. Dita Von Teese wanted to create her lingerie and perfume collections along these lines. She wanted to bring functional beauty products into the lives of average women.

Flickr (Viernest)

Flickr (Viernest)


Dita Von Teese’s collections will be a hit on HSN. They offer affordable beauty products that allow women of all kinds to incorporate glamour into their everyday lives. Her lingerie line also has an edge, different than many lingerie we see today. Her lingerie is inspired by retro glam, which separates itself from typical 2013 lingerie looks. Feel sexy all day, regardless if you are sitting at your work desk or stuck in college classes, with Dita Von Teese’s sexy lingerie and perfume collections.

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