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February 23, 2011  | by: Lakin Starling

Oh Land

Oh Land, born Nanna Oland Fabricus is on the way to becoming the next best thing in electro-pop.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Oh Land had plans to become a professional ballerina until she experienced a back injury at the age of 18.  Not being able to dance only opened up more doors for Oh Land – that’s when she discovered her voice. An adjustment maybe, but the transition to music was not an outlandish one for her.  The daughter of an opera singer and classical music composer, Oh Land’s sound was bound to be unique.

Oh Land

Her music is spreading rapidly throughout cyberspace, and those who appreciate artists who aren’t so mainstream can easily get their hands on some of Oh Land’s tracks.  The singer explained that it was “ambition” that got her where she is now.

And her ambition has brought her to the doorsteps of some famed musicians.  She wrote a track called “Standing on Trains” with N.E.R.D’s mega-producer Pharrell Williams.  Oh Land said, “He is very childlike in his approach as well. That’s fun for me to work with people who are fearless.”

She is clearly not concerned about the status quo, nor does she mind much what others think of her. When she performs it is said that she goes to extremes to express her connection with the music, especially in concert.  Oh Land expressed, “I try to strip it down and take the most necessary elements to enhance that.”

Oh Land is beyond refreshing. With her great voice, vivid lyrics, intense energy in performances, and gorgeous looks to top it off, she is the whole package.  Her self titled debut album Oh Land will be in stores March 15th. Check out her awesome website, the visually stunning video for her single “Sun of a Gun,” and her live performance of “Wolf & I” below!

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