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March 15, 2013  | by: Aanchal Jiwrajka
Flickr (ramonbaile)

Flickr (ramonbaile)


The two most glorious cultures in fashion are the French and the British. But what happens when you mix the French luxury with British Heritage? The answer will be noticed by those who step by the Harrod’s Brompton Road Store in the coming month. The iconic British store in London has opened its doors (and windows) to the luxurious French fashion house of Dior. It will feature nine separate pop-ups including an exhibition, counters selling exclusive products, and lots of in store activity!

Flickr (Martina Griffi)

Flickr (Martina Griffi)

They will have the store windows transformed into a very French Dior-esque look with a color scheme of grey and white, inspired by “a blend of French savior fair and British Charm.” The already magnificent window will include the iconic post and telephone boxes that typify London, featuring the exclusive limited edition Dior products and “showers” of J’adore perfume bottles. Also, Royal Beefeaters in costumes designed by creative director, Raf Simons.

Inside, the fourth floor will be an ‘ultimate Dior experience’ completed by a reconstruction of the façade of 30 Avenue Monataigne (The Dior Headquarters in Paris) along with nine other exciting displays of the house’s Lady Dior handbags and scents of J’adore. The past looks of Dior can be seen in the sketches and miniaturized mannequins resembling the couture dress created by the seamstresses, which will not only help viewers explore the Dior heritage but also bring the looks to life. I think this would be a great experience for the Dior buyers to see what goes onto making this kind of luxury. Buyers will be able to not just own Dior, but feel what makes Dior.

This collaboration is a great way for one to discover the Parisian elegance of Dior in the beautiful heritage of London. With these amazing exhibitions/displays lined up, you cannot get more of Dior anywhere exclusively (Except in Paris).

On the contrary, this is definitely linked to a lot of money making. The collaboration is a great marketing initiative for both the fashion house of Dior taking over London’s eminent store, and Harrods maintaining its style and image with such an exhibit!

Calling all people in London, take a visit to Harrods and be a part of this great event, which is going to make a significant mark in the fashion industry. Get ready for this fascinating journey that will unveil the mysteries of Dior’s luxury and preview this exclusive Harrods Dior takeover from March 16th to April 14th, 2013!

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