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February 12, 2011  | by: Vanessa Douglas


Did Rihanna forgive Chris Brown?

Rihanna, the soon to be 23-year-old songstress, seems to have found the path to enlightenment. Her lawyer, Donna Etra, recently revealed that her client is allowing the restraining order placed on her former boyfriend, Chris Brown, to be relaxed.

Apparently, Rihanna has requested that the order be dropped one level, meaning that she and Brown would be able to have contact, so long as he does not “annoy, molest or harass her”.

This news is definitely surprising. It has been two years since that unfortunate night of the Grammys when it was revealed that Brown had brutally assaulted Rihanna. The question looming in the air is: why would she want to have contact with the person who hurt, humiliated, and disrespected her? It is admirable that she is willing to forgive Brown for what he did, but what does she think she will accomplish by relaxing the restraining order?

Ever since that night, the two singers’ careers have diverged onto different paths. Rihanna has garnered success with her creative (and at times curiously odd) music and fashion choices, while Brown has been trying to redeem himself for his thoughtless act. He has had to plea with fans to support him and buy his music, and was constantly tweeting about his progress with domestic violence class.

Many have wondered if it is time to finally forgive him for what he did, but in all honesty, the only person who has the right to do that is his victim. Although it seems like Rihanna is ready to take that healthy step and pardon Brown, the way in which she is doing it seems a bit impetuous.

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, had previously asked for the restraining order to be dropped because it could potentially be  “a problem with award shows”. This request seems pretty inconsiderate, and it seems like Rihanna is being more than generous in allowing any sort of contact between her and Brown.

While her seems incomprehensible, the fact that she is willing to move on and put the past behind her is extremely commendable, considering what she went through. Domestic violence is never excusable, no matter who commits the crime, but if Rihanna’s request is legally approved, maybe Brown will be able to learn from her benevolence.

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