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June 06, 2011  | by: Jaclyn Hendricks

Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf

When news first broke that MTV was revamping the 1985 cult hit Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox, many bloggers and film fans were blindsided and bewildered. How could the network, fully responsible for turning obnoxious nobodies into instant celebrities, manage to turn the eighties classic into a successful television spin-off? Well, for all the skeptics, critics and supernatural fanatics, boy do I have some good news for you.  After last night’s series premiere, I’m howling for Teen Wolf!

If you’re thinking that MTV’s sure-to-be hit will be just another comedic rip off, you are sorely mistaken as this Wolf’s got bite. The series follows the shy Scott McCall, played by Taylor Lautner’s protege, Tyler Posey.  The first episode begins with Scott getting nipped by a wolf in the woods on the eve of his first day of school, leading to some noticeable changes. He can overhear conversations from a distance, has become increasingly sensitive to high pitched sounds, and sports greater reflexes on the lacrosse field.

But that’s not all…

His heightened senses and transformation from jock wallflower to lax superstar are soon noticed by new girl Allison Argent, played by Crystal Reed. Not only does the brown eyed cutie catch Allison’s eye, he also nurses her wounded puppy back to health (swoon). However, all is not so picture perfect in paradise, especially with the full moon on the horizon.

From sleepwalking to random spots in the woods to waking up swimming in a neighbor’s pool, Scott knows that something bizarre is going on, and it all began from that fateful bite in the forest.

To be quite honest, I didn’t know what to expect from MTV’s Teen Wolf. As an obsessed fan of the CW’s Vampire Diaries, I thought that this teen soap would be a cheesy copy-cat. Yet, I can fully confirm that this Wolf is a species all of its own. Sure its got the grade A formula of the typical brooding loner, token bully, quirky BFF, and gorgeous girl next door, but mixing these characters together with a little supernatural spice is a recipe for small-screen success.

Last night’s premiere was only part one in the two part season opener.  For those who can’t get enough of this scary yet seductive series, be sure to tune in to MTV tonight at 10 p.m. to catch what happens next. I’ll be tuning in, but the question is, will you?

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