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August 22, 2012  | by: Martha Adjei

Anjulie in her new video, "Headphones"

Canadian breakthrough artist Anjulie may be new to many, but her newest single, “Headphones”, looks and sounds a little too much like underground rap veteran, MIA.

In the video, which hit Youtube August 16th, Anjulie dons  a bright orange button up, a neon bathing suit, and bright pink laces. Her dancers wear similar colorful outfits, backing her up with Afro- Carribean inspired dance moves. The video is colorful, fresh, and interesting. But many of Anjulie’s fans already dislike the video, saying it is too similar to MIA, who is also known for using bright colors and African-inspired themes. It’s also no help that Anjulie is a carbon copy of MIA, who is remarkably  similar in looks, style, and musical delivery . Both artists sing about about being tough, wild partying, and celebrating an alternative lifestyle.

MIA is recognized for the colors and themes as Anjulie

“Headphones” is a great song, and the colors in the video are outstanding. But the new video screams MIA , down to the colors, dancers, and the island-inspired beat.

They say copying is the best form of flattery. In that case, MIA should be extremely flattered by Anjulie’s new video for Headphones.

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  • Fallon Green

    Yeah its completely MIA – I cant watch it – it’s sooooooo much like Maya Arulpragasam – go back to Anjulie – stop listening to handlers Anjulie!